Border cop

Title Border cop
Names Savalas, Telly.
De La Paz, Danny.
Albert, Eddie.
Leitch, Christopher.
Book Number DVD00027
Title Status Active
Medium DVD Descriptive Video
Annotation U.S. Immigration Officer Frank Cooper (Telly Savalas) spends most of his down time south of the border, because he likes the people. Especially his young friends Beni and Leina. So he's concerned when the local crime boss, Suarez (Michael V. Gazzo), shows up at their wedding. Needing money, Beni has agreed to work for Suarez smuggling migrant workers into California. When the appalling treatment the migrants receive drives Beni to rebel, Suarez abducts Leina. Beni tries to rescue her, and falls into a trap. But Suarez, safe in Mexico and with Cooper's boss in his pocket, underestimates Cooper's outrage with explosive results.
Local Subject Descriptive Video: Action/Adventure - DVA
Descriptive Video: Rated R - DRR
Audience Notes A
Language English
Released 1979
Publication Info 1979
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