Just before dawn

Title Just before dawn
Names Kennedy, George.
Kellin, Mike.
Lemmon, Chris.
Lieberman, Jeff.
Book Number DVD00106
Title Status Active
Medium DVD Descriptive Video
Annotation The plot concerns a teenage land owner who heads for the mountains of Oregon with a deed to his new property and an RV full of young friends only to discover (to their extreme peril) that words on paper mean less than nothing up there... or, in the words of horticulture-loving park ranger George Kennedy, "Those mountains can't read, son." By nightfall, the youths learn the gravity of this warning, as they are set upon by a hulking Mongoloid in a knit cap and pilot's glasses which seem capable of being in two places at once.
Local Subject Descriptive Video: Horror - DVH
Descriptive Video: Action/Adventure - DVA
Descriptive Video: Rated R - DRR
Audience Notes A
Language English
Released 1980
Publication Info 1980
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