X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Title X-Men: Dark Phoenix
Names McAvoy, James.
Fassbender, Michael.
Lawrence, Jennifer.
Turner, Sophie.
Kinberg, Simon.
Book Number DVD00580
Title Status Active
Medium DVD Descriptive Video
Annotation Almost one long and peaceful decade after the nearly disastrous events in "X-Men: Apocalypse" (DVD00451), Professor Charles Xavier's X-Men enjoy a mutually beneficial pact with humans, undertaking increasingly dangerous missions as the Earth's valiant protectors. However, during a risky NASA crisis, Jean Grey is imbued with an unfathomable cosmic force--and even though she should be dead--this inexhaustible but uncontrollable energy enhances her already formidable abilities, transforming her into an all-powerful being. More and more, Jean's otherworldly powers become unpredictable and destructive, posing a direct threat not only to herself and her companions but also to the entire world. Is humankind prepared for the rise of the Dark Phoenix? Twelfth installment of the X-Men film franchise. Menu navigation required.
Series 12
Descriptive Video: X-Men
Local Subject Descriptive Video: Action/Adventure - DVA
Descriptive Video: Sci-Fi/Fantasy - DVSF
Descriptive Video: Menu Navigation - DVMN
Descriptive Video: Rated PG-13 - DPG13
Language English
Released 2019
Publication Info 2019
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